About Your Forever Boutique

Zach and Rachael Rodimel - Your Forever Boutique - Wedding Invitations and Programs in Lafayette Indiana
our Forever Boutique is composed of a couple of love birds; Zach and Rachael Rodimel. We got into the business of providing custom wedding invitations and programs for engaged couples shortly after we got married ourselves. We created all the save the date's, invitations, programs, thank you's, etc. for our own wedding and loved every minute of it. Soon after, we started doing the same for friends and family. Since then, we've acquired enough clients to turn our hobby into a business. We pride ourselves on customization and affordability. Many brides and grooms alike consider these two factors of most importance for their special day. Rest assured that quality and creativity are not compromised in order to yield such great results. Rather, consider that we are genuine people too who have been in your situation and we just don't want to take advantage of you. We now offer much more than just wedding stationary. If you have an event coming up, whether it be the blessing of a new child, a child's birthday party, an anniversary party, or something else, we invite you to contact us for more information about what you are needing!